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This is an older batch. Check the documentation of a newer batch if you recently received it!   

Batch 3 are Revision 2 Ultimakers. The contents of the shipments are listed below (excluding other items that you may have ordered that are not part of a standard, complete Ultimaker kit). You can use these lists to see if you shipment is complete. Minor changes and substitutions in your package are possible. Please contact us if you think something important is missing! Currently, the Revision 2 Ultimaker's are packaged as follows:

the Ultimaker box
Qty. Part
1x Laser-pack
1x Axes pack
1x Pulley Pack v1.0
1x Bearing Pack version 1
1x Mega Pack version 1
1x Electronics Kit version 1.5
1x Fan Pack version 1
1x Cable Pack version 1
1x Partially pre-assembled extrusion head v1.
1x Power cord
1x Power supply
1x Coupling
1x Grease
1x Filament