Dual Extrusion

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Dual Extrusion assembly guide (click for an overview)
Click to view the 1 Disassemble...

1 Disassemble

Click to view the 2 Assemble printhead...

2 Assemble printhead

Click to view the 3 Assemble material feeder...

3 Assemble material feeder

Click to view the 4 Calibrate...

4 Calibrate

When you have received your brand new dual extrusion KIT you start with installing it in your Ultimaker. These instructions will show you how to disassemble your single extrusion head, assemble your dual extrusion head and second feeder mechanism, and how to calibrate it. In total it will take about 2 to 4 hours to go through all these steps.

The dual extrusion KIT is still experimental, which means tinkering for the best result is needed. At the moment our slicer Cura does not support features recommended for PVA, like ‘wipe’. However, you can experiment with PVA in the dual extrusion KIT by using another slicer program that does support it. Printing in dual color is supported.

Below you will find a video that briefly shows you how to build your dual extrusion kit. For more detailed instructions, please check the assembly guide on this wiki.