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The PLA and ABS comes in many different colors.

Thermoplastic polymers and 3D printing

ABS and PLA are the most common thermoplastic polymers that are used in 3D printers like the Ultimaker. For 3D printing, it is usually supplied in rolls of round filament of 3 mm or 1.75 mm diameter.

Affordable thermoplastics

Normally, the filaments that are provided with commercial 3D printers can cost up to 300 euros per reel of 1 kg. Ultimaking Ltd. and some other companies now supply the filaments at a much lower price, which means that your 3D prints becomes so much more affordable, that you barely need to take costs into consideration when you print. The great thing about the Ultimaker is that you're free to try new materials and you're not locked into one supplier.

You can buy a wide variety of ABS and PLA filament from the consumables section of the Ultimaker shop. These plastics have been tested to work in the Ultimaker.

In general, PLA is the easiest material to print with. We advise you to at least buy one small reel of PLA with your Ultimaker.