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Simple LCD for PCB version 1.5.*

You can directly hook up an LCD display. This features no buttons like the advanded LCD.

| GD   E     RS    N/C    N/C |
| 5V   DB4   DB5   DB6    DB7 |

And this goes connects to the "normal LCD layout". For pin 15/16 check the datasheet. They are only necessary if there is a background light.

pin name connect
1   VSS  GND
2   VDD  5V
3   V0   GND or mid poti between Gnd and 5V
4   RS   EXP1
5   R/W  GND
6   E    EXP1
7-10 DB0-3 not connected
11  DB4  EXP1
12  DB5  EXP1
13  DB6  EXP1 
14  DB7  EXP1
15  A    Anode usually VCC, maybe needs a resistor
16  K    Cathode, usually GND

Firmware changes: Download the firmware from here (I used

git clone


RepRapUltimakerFirmware.pde: change order of libraries, so that wprogram is before the serial library.

#include "WProgram.h"
#include <HardwareSerial.h>

(This is currently unnecessary: it is already in the git sources.)

configuration.h: enable the fancy stuff:

#define FANCY
#define FANCY_LCD

They are already there, just uncomment the comment signs // in front. Also uncomment the fancy pwm multiplier. As the ultimaker uses 19V, it would be prudent to set it for 0.5 (or just a little bit higher).

pins.h: change error to warning

#elif MOTHERBOARD == 3
#ifndef __AVR_ATmega1280__
#warning Oops!  Make sure you have 'Arduino Mega' selected from the 'Tools -> Boards' menu.

is no longer necessary (the proper fix is already in the sources).

and add:

#define LCD_PINS1 (byte)16 
#define LCD_PINS2 (byte)5
#define LCD_PINS3 (byte)6
#define LCD_PINS4 (byte)21 
#define LCD_PINS5 (byte)20
#define LCD_PINS6 (byte)19

compile while having board set to "arduino mega 2560".

Hope this works for you! --Bkubicek 15:06, 28 May 2011 (CEST)

  • How to upload?
  • Why is the hexfile 25k, while the ultimaker firmware is 92k?