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Ultimaker controller assembly guide. You can buy it in the official Ultimaker webshop.

The video below will quickly show how to assemble the UltiController (from about 0:58).


Assembly Step 1: What you'll need

Note: For all Ultimaker electronics before the 1.5.6 version, a small patch is required (a single wire) which will make the

Ultimaker self-powering (otherwise you still need to power it over USB, requiring another USB-charger/outlet).

Time needed
Time needed:
In total, for most people it takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete the assembly of the UltiController.   

Tools needed
Tools needed:
  • Hex key (2.0mm)    

Parts needed in this section:

Qty. Part
6 Socket cap M3 bolts 10mm
4 Socket cap M3 bolts 25mm
10 Hexangonal M3 nuts
4 Tube spacer
1 Ulticontroller Front
1 Ulticontroller Back
1 Ulticontroller Left
1 Ulticontroller Right
2 Ulticontroller PCB Connection Cable
1 Ulticontroller Display v1.0
1 Button

(You'll get extra holes, washers and bolts.)

Step 2: Assembling the controller

A more in-dept guide with photos will help you even better.


0. Don't forget to remove the protective plastic film from the display (if it has one) and the protective sticker from the piezo speaker (if it has one) before

assembly. They are difficult to remove afterwards without disassembling it.

1. Mount the Display v1.0 to the front plate. use the 25mm bolts with a tube spacer between the display and the front plate.


2. Put the controller on it’s back and connect both of the PCB connection cables in the appropriate slots.


3. Assemble the back plate onto the front, do not assemble the sides before it ! use two of the 10mm bolts. Place tape inside the back plate to prevent nuts from falling.

Note: Version 1.1 of the board (right) has a revised location for the Piezo and also the hole for it in back plate.

Assembly04.jpg UltiPanel 1 1.JPG

4. Continue with both of the side parts. Use the rest of the 10mm bolts.


5. For the last step just put the button in place.


Step 3: Connecting the controller

First make sure the Ultimaker is turned off.

Disconnect the Electronics cooling system, and replace the fanduct with the one included. The fanduct origami instructions: http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Ultimaker_rev.3_assembly:_Mounting_the_electronics


Connect the connection cables in the right (see pictures) order,

the cable closest to the side of the controller should be attached to the rear side of the ultimaker.


If you want the controller on the front only you can make its cables go through the bottom plate. If you want it on the side its cables should go under the frame as they are too short.   

When the Controller is connected we can replace the Electronics cooling system.

Put the controller on the front side of the Ultimaker and turn the power back on.

(no need to attach the USB-cord)


The firmware for the ultimaker is supported since the Marlin 1.0 version (included with ReplicatorG 0034)

For more soft- and firmware information, see the Software setup guide

When the power is back on, the controller will start up.

Insert the SD-card and you should be ready to print.


Read the manual to know what the menus mean.


Question: I see nothing appearing on the screen?

  • Answer 1: For all Ultimaker electronics before the 1.5.6 version, a small patch is required (a

single wire) which will make the Ultimaker self-powering (otherwise you still need to power it over USB, requiring another USB-charger/outlet).

  • Answer 2: Make sure you have you installed the newest Ultimaker version of Marlin firmware. If not, please go here first.
  • Answer 3: If you crossed the cables, it will not display anything on the screen. You can try inverting them.
  • Answer 4: There is a potmeter on the back that will change the contrast. If it is connected, and you have the right firmware, you should hear a sound when pressing

the button twice. If you do, the contrast may be wrong. Carefully turn the potmeter. If this was the problem, you should you see text appear.

Question: "I can see text, but cannot control it." or "I can control it, but I don't see anything on the display"

  • Answer: One of the cables is not connected properly. Check the connection. If you want to make sure it is one of the cables, swap them on both the controller side

and the Ultimaker mainboard's side. If the problem changes from button control to display or vice versa, one of the cables is bad. You can try to fiddle with it, but

of course we can send you a replacement if needed. Just e-mail support@ultimaker.com.


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